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A Closer Look at What ADHD is All About.....

So we have probably all heard about ADHD. There's a lot of info out there on the internet, some that is evidence-based and some that is not. 

Click on the links below on this page for some reputable information and resources

what is ADHD

What is ADHD?!

Kelty Mental Health - ADHD in Children & Youth 

Common Myths About ADHD Debunked - by Dr. Posner

Webinar on Executive Functioning Strategies - Dr. Tuckman

Kelty's Recommended Resources- webinars and resources for parents

CADDRA Information for Children

CADDRA Information for Teens

CADDRA Information for Adults

CADDRA Information for Parents

ADHD, Mental Health & Addiction

CADDAC Blog written by me on ADHD, Mental Health & Addiction

Kelty Mental Health- see the section on "what can go along with ADHD?"

ADHD & Substance Use- Dr. Martínez-Raga

ADHD mental health addiction
Further ADHD research needed

ADHD and Continuing Need for Research and Change

More Resources

CHADD - Based in USA, but a wealth of information and resources

CADDAC- Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada

How to ADHD You Tube Videos - created by Jessica McCabe who has lived experience. Engaging videos that are relatable to those with ADHD.

Other ADHD Resources
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